John Daly hits a tee shot from the mouth of David Feherty video

August 1, 2012

Would you let John Daly drive a ball that is teed up in your mouth? David Feherty did.

David Feherty recently interviewed John Daly for his aptly titled Golf Channel show “Feherty“. He spent the day hanging out with Daly and among other things, got Daly to hit a golf ball out of his mouth.

The apprehension from the shows producer appears genuine. Which is fair enough.

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  1. Carl. says:

    I find David Feherty to be quite an interesting character. His commentary is generally insightful and accurate. I loved his call of Louis Oosthuizen’s albatross at this year’s Masters.

  2. Troy Vayanos says:

    This is insane, I wouldn’t let any professional hit a golf shot off me like that. Even a slight margin of error would most likely result in death.