GOLF TRICK SHOT / The no-look, over-the-shoulder, putter flip shot

Check out this classic golf trick shot to hole what was just a simple two-footer.

This bloke at UK’s Drayton Park Golf Course has been doing a few golf trick shots but perhaps none nicer and more unbelievable than this no-look, over-the-shoulder, putter flip thing to roll in what was at one stage was just a simple two-footer.

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GOLF TRICK SHOT / Watch Matias Sanchez hole a crazy over-the-head shot

Here is a golf trick shot worth considering next time you’re stuck up against a bunker.

Melbourne youngster Matias Sanchez has been one to watch for some time now. Earlier in the year he captured the Australian Amateur Championship title after an epic final against Min Woo Lee and only last month he was playing in the US Amateur Championship.

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Golfer uses umbrella as a sail for wind-powered golf buggy: video

As golf courses strive to become greener, this golfer has found an ingenious way of propelling his golf buggy with wind power.

The guys at Chatswood Golf Club in Sydney aren’t afraid to get a little goofy on their Instagram account. So it’s not surprising that as wind speeds got up to 90kph last Friday they decided to show off their new range of renewable energy golf buggies.

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Golf and football trick shot goes wrong due to equipment failure: video

These guys specialise in football related trick videos. But for this one they combined some slick foot skills and with a golf drive off a very elevated tee.

Everything was going according to plan until an equipment failure left everyone in stitches.

When golf trick shots go horribly wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— Tubes (@TubesSoccerAM) June 21, 2017

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Watch this espresso golf trick shot from Chatswood Golf

Need a caffeine and golf hit? Watch this espresso golf trick shot.

Nice golf trick shot by the Chatswood Golf pro shop crew including two of our favourite things, golf and coffee.

Do you need a caffeine hit to get your round of golf started? Well in the pro shop at Chatswood Golf Club we are serving up great Piazza D’oro coffee made from real coffee beans for just $2.00 a cup!

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Watch this crazy, dangerous golf trick shot near the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This guy hit a few dangerous golf trick shots towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

There are a couple of golf balls now sitting at the bottom of Sydney Harbour after professional golfer Romain Bechu recently sent a few into the water.

Bechu has played on the European Challenge Tour and performed a few golf trick shots while holidaying in Australia recently, which I’m not sure we’d recommend trying yourself.

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