New rule will limit the use of video review in golf tournaments

In a remarkably swift move for golf’s ruling bodies, the R&A and USGA have announced a change to the rules of golf which will limit the use of video review.

As a result of the controversy surrounding Lexi thompson’s four-stroke penalty during the final stages of the recent ANA Inspiration tournament, the R&A and USGa have reacted quickly to introduce a new decision to the rules of golf which will reduce the use of video evidence while enforcing the rules of golf and place the emphasis back on player integrity.

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CLOSER LOOK: Proposed new Rules of Golf when dropping a ball

One of the more puzzling proposed changes to the Rules of Golf concerns the new procedure for dropping a ball.

Arguably the proposal for the new Rules of Golf on how to drop the golf ball has raised the most eye-brows. If implemented on January 1, 2019 no longer will golfers have to drop the golf ball from shoulder height, but simply drop it from any height, in any old way.

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2015 Presidents Cup: This is how Team USA lost a hole twice when Mickelson used a different golf ball

A little-known matchplay rule saw the American team lose a hole twice during a dramatic second day at the 2015 Presidents Cup.

The Internationals rallied back to within one point of the Americans on day two of the Presidents Cup but the major talking point was the rules indiscretion by Phil Mickelson which resulted in his team losing the hole twice.

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Rules of golf – the unplayable lie: video

The good folk at the Sorrento Golf Club just outside of Melbourne have compiled a bunch of videos explaining some of the more common rules of golf.

We quite liked this on-course explanation about the unplayable lie including a few points that many golfers get wrong. Including the rule that you can call your ball unplayable at any time – it’s your decision, and that the ball can roll up to two club lengths outside the dropping area.

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Simplified golf rules and global handicaps could be just around the corner

Your handicap could soon be officially recognised all over the globe.

John Paul Newport’s golf articles at the Wall Street Journal are always worth a read and his most recent piece is no different.

Newport reports on the early discussion between the golf’s ruling bodies the R&A and the USGA, on creating a more streamlined, simpler set of golf rules, as well launching as a uniform, global handicapping system.

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Can you declare your golf ball lost? Rules reminder

Ahead of a summer break jam-packed full of golf, we thought we would just go over some of the often confused rules of golf, starting with the lost ball.

A regular source of disagreement between golfers is at what point your golf ball is lost.

Most golfers are aware that you have 5 minutes to search for your golf ball – after that your ball is deemed lost and under the penalty of one stroke play your next shot “as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played”.

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