Awkward golf video: Thomas Pieters hits his girlfriend with an errant tee shot

Belgian PGA Tour player Thomas Pieters did his best to smooth over an awkward situation last week at the Genesis Open when one of his tee shots hit a spectator, who turned out to be his girlfriend.

It’s made even more awkward by the response of the person who uploaded it to Instagram to which Pieters replies “It’s not awesome”.

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Rules of Golf overhaul; changes revealed in March

Get ready for the biggest makeover to the Rules of Golf we have seen for many decades.

The Rules of Golf are set for a major overhaul with the R&A and USGA to reveal the proposed rule changes in early March.

Golf’s governing bodies have been working to modernise and simplify the rules of golf for the past five years and according to Ryan Herringon at Golf Digest, USGA executive director Mike Davis has said no rule is off limits to any changes:

What’s expected to be revealed is nothing short of the biggest restructuring of the Rules in decades.

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Woman makes hole-in-one during her first-ever golf lesson: video

Some golfers go their whole lives without ever making a hole-in-one, this woman got one during her first golf lesson.

English teaching golf professional Emma Brown posted this amazing video of a woman making a hole-in-one during her first-ever golf lesson.

The reaction is priceless and seems very genuine for those thinking it might all be a stunt.

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Greg Norman stopped on street; talks about Tiger and a few golf-loving celebs: video

Greg Norman on Tiger Woods, wake-boarding and a few celebrities he plays golf with occasionally.

A few reports surfaced last week that Greg Norman had made a few comments on the the possibility of Tiger Woods returning to his old form. It turns out it came from this conversation between Norman and someone at TMZ Sports who (it appears) just bumped into The Shark on the street.

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Amazing golf trick shot where club is thrown before the swing: video

Here is a golf trick unlike any other we’ve seen before where the club is thrown before the ball is hit.

This one is hard to describe. It comes from American golf instructor Taylor Laybourne and has some serious skills going on. Laybourne let’s go of the club even before he starts his ‘swing’, then catches it at the top before hitting the golf ball.

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18 tips to get your golf game in shape for summer

Hear that? That’s the sound of summer on its way. Are you ready to hit the fairways?

We like to repost this every year. Because every year many golfers need reminding that your golf game doesn’t just switch one because summer is here. Just like the pros, our poor excuse for a golf game still requires some work if we want to shoot 40 points, or take out the club comp.

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Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and swinging “like a rusty gate”

A shirtless Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and offered a self-lesson on his rusty swing.

Swinging like a rusty gate after months away…#ouch #F’inghurts

A video posted by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on Oct 15, 2016 at 12:59pm PDT

Greg Norman doesn’t have much time or desire to play much golf these days but in between picking up palm fronds after Hurricane Matthew and rebranding his business The Shark is back hitting a golf balls in preparation for the annual Franklin Templeton Shootout that he hosts in early December.

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