Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and swinging “like a rusty gate”

A shirtless Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and offered a self-lesson on his rusty swing.

Swinging like a rusty gate after months away…#ouch #F’inghurts

A video posted by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on Oct 15, 2016 at 12:59pm PDT

Greg Norman doesn’t have much time or desire to play much golf these days but in between picking up palm fronds after Hurricane Matthew and rebranding his business The Shark is back hitting a golf balls in preparation for the annual Franklin Templeton Shootout that he hosts in early December.

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Read ESPN’s feature article on The Secret History of Tiger Woods

If you’ve got a spare half hour, this is a worthwhile read on how Tiger Woods’ life unravelled after his father’s death.

ESPN’s Wright Thompson has written a heavily researched feature article on Tiger Woods’ obsession with the military, details his downfall after his father died and basically presents the 14-time major champion as one lonely looking person.

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Harley Davidson motorcycle found in water hazard on golf course

Anyone lost a Harley?


This awesome machine was found in the bottom of the dam at McLeod Country Golf Club in Brisbane this week.


Club staff were lowering the level of the dam when they noticed the shape of a motorcycle emerging from the water’s surface. The team at Brisbane Motorcycle Towing were called in to haul the bike out of the water and turns out it’s a Harley Davidson Rocker.

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Watch this short doco on the world’s longest golf course, Nullarbor Links

Here is a fun little documentary from the folks at Pedestrian.TV on what is dubbed the world’s longest golf course, Nullarbor Links.

The ‘course’ stretches across the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia and Western Australia and is comprised of golf holes at different towns and roadhouses spanning 1,365 kilometres.

The documentary features Alf Caputo and a host of other locals who got the course up and running, and keep it running.

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Australian Ex-servicemen’s Golf championship from 1933: video

Check out these great clips featuring Australia’s ex-servicemen playing golf.

Last week we featured a superb old mini-documentary of golf in Australia in the late 1960’s, well here is another short video from around 35 years earlier.

British Pathé released a whole bunch of great, old movies last year and in among them were these two wonderful clips from the Australian Ex-servicemen’s Golf Championship played in 1933.

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