Golf tip video: Where to position the ball in your stance

Here’s a great golf tip video that will help you understand where your golf ball should be positioned in your stance.

A few weeks ago we featured a golf tip from Golf+ and professional Sandy Jamieson on how to fix the fat shot. But we’ve also found this older one where Jamieson talks about ball position with respect to the stance – something we see many golfers, not just beginners struggle with on the golf course.

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Golf tip: How to get a consistent shot shape

One of the keys for a consistent shot shape is to get the club going back and through on the same path.

The Lakes Golf Club posted this to their Twitter feed this week and we thought it was worth a share.

The Lakes Teaching Professional Charles Kares takes us through a nice drill on how to get the ball to start on a more consistent line – using a bucket just outside your line.

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Golf fitness: Hip flexibility exercise tip with Matt Green

Golf physiotherapist Matt Green gives a great stretching tip to improve hip rotation during your golf swing.

A few weeks ago, we featured a piece from Golf Link who took a look Sydney’s brand new private institute of sport, Precision Athletica. As part of their feature they chatted to one of Australia’s best golf physios, Matt Green and he offered a simple stretching tip you can do at work or at home to increase you hip flexibility – which should translate to increased hip mobility during your golf swing.

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Golf tip video: Use the right club for the uphill chip shot

Faced with a short uphill chip shot? Make sure you use the right club.

The golf instructors at Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre have been doing a nice job of uploading a series of quick golf tips each day. One that piqued our interest a few weeks ago was this quick tip from Paul Buchanan one the uphill chip/pitch shot – and we have to agree, it’s a mistake we see (and do) a lot.

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Putting tip video: Stop practising how to miss

Stop practising how to miss; practise getting the ball in the hole.

On Course Golf regularly feature professionals from across the country giving golf swing tips on their YouTube Channel and this particular one from Eastlake Golf Club‘s Alex Sutherland caught our eye.

Sutherland tells you how to avoid getting tricked by the greenkeeper and goes through the correct way to practice your putting before a round.

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