Tips for links golf (in 360˚) with Paul McGinley: video

Use the wind as your friend when you’re playing links golf.

Ahead of last week’s Irish Open, Paul McGinley offered a few tips on playing on playing shots on links golf courses.

And while I’d guess most of us might need a few more details, and plenty of practice to play these shots as easily as McGinley does, this is worth a watch just for the very cool 360 degree vision it offers.

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Short game video tips with Gary Player: lag putting, and the chip and run

Golfing World recently ran a few segments with Gary Player where he gave a few tips on the short game.

Gary Player talks about the style of the best lag putter he’s ever seen, Bobby Locke. And geez he’s looking fantastic for an 81-year-old!

And a few words on modern golf design, and tips for the chip and run shot – “Low for the dough, high makes you cry”.

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Golf fitness video: Advanced golf posture drill with Matt Green

The golf swing starts with a good set-up and posture, here is a tip to get your body into the right position.

GolfLink shot a number of short clips with golf physiotherapist Matt Green during their visit to Precision Athletica, and they’re a great way of keeping your body flexible and ‘golf fit’ – especially if you’re someone that sits at a desk all day.

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Golf tip video: Where to position the ball in your stance

Here’s a great golf tip video that will help you understand where your golf ball should be positioned in your stance.

A few weeks ago we featured a golf tip from Golf+ and professional Sandy Jamieson on how to fix the fat shot. But we’ve also found this older one where Jamieson talks about ball position with respect to the stance – something we see many golfers, not just beginners struggle with on the golf course.

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Golf tip: How to get a consistent shot shape

One of the keys for a consistent shot shape is to get the club going back and through on the same path.

The Lakes Golf Club posted this to their Twitter feed this week and we thought it was worth a share.

The Lakes Teaching Professional Charles Kares takes us through a nice drill on how to get the ball to start on a more consistent line – using a bucket just outside your line.

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