Tiger Woods mugshot mural appears in Melbourne

Melbourne street artist lushsux paints images of current memes on to the walls around Melbourne and we’ve meant to post this particular ‘golf related’ one for a few weeks now.

Golf.com reminded us that lushsux had painted this mug shot of Tiger Woods a few weeks ago – not sure if it’s been updated or exactly where it is…

3000 comments and ill give @tigerwoods the @kathygriffin hairdo

A post shared by lushsux (@lushsux) on Jun 9, 2017 at 7:47pm PDT

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A different, irreverent view of Justin Thomas’ crazy US Open (mini-golf) putt: video

Justin Thomas’ crazy putt during the third round of the US Open just got a little crazier. Check it out. Mini-golf style.

A previously unseen view of that amazing putt by @JustinThomas34 at the #USOpen2017. @AussieGolfer #erinhillsputtputt pic.twitter.com/LTgdcxWvxq

— Matt Parslow (@MattParslow1) June 20, 2017

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A deep rough preview of the 2017 US Open

One of our readers sent us his preview of the US Open and we thought it was worth sharing. Like the rough at Erin Hills this preview runs a little deeper than others. And we’re assuming it’s all very much tongue in cheek.

Embed from Getty Images

by Sam Bell

Another US Open and another week of players complaining about how difficult the golf course is.

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Jason Day and Adam Scott make ESPN’s World Fame 100 top ranking athletes list

We love a list. And we have two Australian golfers on this list.

Embed from Getty Images

Australian golfers Jason Day and Adam Scott have become the first two Australians to make it on ESPN’s World Fame 100 list of the world’s top ranking athletes.

For what it’s worth, Day and Scott ranked 85th and 98th on the list that is led by football’s Cristiano Ronaldo and NBA star Lebron James.

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Friend collapses with laughter after golf fail at the driving range: video

Watch this woman smack her golf ball into the barrier at the driving range; and her friend collapse to the ground with laughter.

We’ve seen people do this on the driving range a few times and it never gets old. This woman clangs the golf ball into the fence beside the practice tee and the ball scuttles off through a door behind her.

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