ADVENTURES IN GOLF / How many shots would it take to get a hole-in-one?

Erik from Adventures in Golf sets out to make a hole-in-one, no matter how long it takes. Or how insane he becomes in the process.

We think Adventures in Golf (via Skratch TV) is a must-see internet golf series for all golfers and this episode from Season 2 is another ripper where we see series host Erik Anders Lang (who was previously married to Sia I just learned) do whatever it takes to make a hole-in-one.

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Caddie magazine to launch Australia’s first golf beer

Caddie collaborate with Modus Operandi brewing to create Australia’s first golf beer

For the next print Volume of Caddie magazine, the team have joined forces with award-winning Mona Vale brewery Modus Operandi to create Australia’s first dedicated golf beer.

Inspired by the ‘Arnold Palmer’, a concoction of lemonade and iced tea made famous by The King, the ale will have a malty sweetness to reference lemonade balanced by a lemon burst with additions into the boil of the zests of 20kgs of local lemons.

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WATCH / Young Australian golfer appears with Jason Day and Jordan Spieth on The Tonight Show

Young Aussie golfer gets to meet (and hug) Jason Day on The Tonight Show.

Golf Australia have alerted us to this clip of three junior golfers appearing with Jordan Spieth and Jason Day on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week.

One of the kids included young Australian Isaac Riches who featured in the “MyGolf Presents…” campaign (if you missed it check out the video below) and here he plays a bit of Golf Skee Ball with a few other kids.

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GOLF TRICK SHOT / Watch Matias Sanchez hole a crazy over-the-head shot

Here is a golf trick shot worth considering next time you’re stuck up against a bunker.

Melbourne youngster Matias Sanchez has been one to watch for some time now. Earlier in the year he captured the Australian Amateur Championship title after an epic final against Min Woo Lee and only last month he was playing in the US Amateur Championship.

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BOO v BEEF / Boo Weekley and Andrew “Beef” Johnston race the 40-yard dash

For a laugh, Boo Weekley and Beef Johnston went head-to-head in the 40-yard dash.

As part of a series of promotional pieces for the US sandwich restaurant chain Arby’s two of their ambassadors have raced each other in the 40-yard dash.

While not anyone’s first pick to race the 40-yard dash, golfers Boo Weekley and Andrew “Beef” Johnston raced to see who is the quickest (or the least slowest) of the two.

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THE DAN PLAN / Dan returns to Australia to talk about failure

The Dan Plan project has been abandoned due to injury and Dan is only just starting to deal it.

A few years ago we had the pleasure of meeting, talking and playing golf with Dan McLaughlin from The Dan Plan. You may recall that Dan had set out at the age of 30 to spend 10,000 hours of deliberate practise to see if he could become a professional golfer.

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THE LONGEST HOLE / Golfer hits 20,093 shots on 2000km golf hole in Mongolia

A golfer has just played golf across 2000km in Mongolia. And his mate caddied for him the whole way.

Adam Rolston, his caddie Ron Rutland and the dog in Mongolia (Photo: Andrew King)

Good friends Adam Rolston and Ron Rutland decided to play the longest ever golf hole by trekking across 2000km of central Mongolia. Rolston would hit the golf ball while Rutland would pull the clubs and equipment on a make-shift cart to raise money for Laureus’ children’s sports charity.

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GOLF DARTS / Check out this giant inflatable golf dartboard

If you love your darts (and golf) stand up – and check out this awesome inflatable dartboard for golfers.

The team at Golf Gods have this giant inflatable dartboard product that should make your backyard chipping practice loads of fun. Retailing for $1299, this looks hilarious although you could be yelling fore at the neighbours if you miss double-20 a little too high.

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