9 things you should know about marking your golf score card

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A quick refresher on the details of marking, signing and submitting your golf scorecard.

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The rules of golf are reasonably well-known (and documented) but surprisingly the nuances of marking your golf card are often misunderstood.

Do you have to put the date on your card? Do you need to mark your own scores as well as your playing partner’s? Do you need to add up the scores correctly? These are some of the questions I still hear around the golf course as golfers are marking and signing their cards.

Here are 9 things related to marking your golf score card that answer some of these questions… and a few more.

  1. You can sign anywhere on the score card, not just on the line provided. Although would help the committee greatly if you put the signature where they are expecting it to be.
  2. You do not need to mark the date on the score card
    And cannot be disqualified for not doing so. It is the Committee’s responsibility that the correct date appears on your card.
  3. You do not need to mark your name the score card.
    Like the adding the date to the card, it is the Committee’s responsibility to have your name on it, but it probably helps if you add it to the card if it isn’t there already there.
  4. You are responsible for marking down the correct score on each hole.
    You are not required to add up the scores or mark the correct stableford points on the card and cannot be penalised for not doing so. A lower score returned for any hole will result in a DQ. A higher score is fine, with that score standing.
  5. Make sure your correct handicap is marked on the card (for handicapped competition).
    If there is no handicap, or a higher handicap is recorded on the card you will be DQ’d, but you cannot be penalised for wrongly applying the handicap to the scores (i.e. incorrect net score).
  6. Both the marker and the golfer need to sign the card at the end of the round.
    Again a DQ will result if both signatures are not recorded on the card at the end of the round.
  7. If more than one marker scores your round, each must sign for the part of the round for which they scored for.
    If your marker leaves after nine holes, make sure he signs for those nine holes before handing it to another player to mark the rest of the round.
  8. The marker’s score is not required on the players score card.
    While you are not required to keep your own score as well as another golfer’s score, it’s probably wise to do so to compare scores at the end of the round.
  9. Anyone can mark your card,
    But they must sign it at the end of the round. Check your club for any rules relating to this as it is up to the club committee if they are required to hold a GA handicap or not.

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2 comments on “9 things you should know about marking your golf score card

  • September 9, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    in a 2BB aggregate do both players have to sign the score card or just one and what is the penalty plus the marker

  • September 15, 2017 at 8:03 am

    In a team of 3.. Who is responsible for signing card is it all 3 …and must 1 of the 3 have to sign were it says marker signature….